Right Brain

Right lateralisation is typically associated with creativity, expression, emotion and imagination.
As such this page is dedicated to the largely artistic projects I have worked on.

Vector graphics

Having initially been interested in the idea of Photoshop (pixel based), I was an instant convertee to Illustrator (vector based) after the first try - the clean vector lines sit so much nicer with me!
I've made images for various reasons:
  • The quantum efficiency of a solar cell is the ratio of incident photons of a given energy to the number of extracted electrons. I made this graphic to explain the difference between internal and external quantum efficiency.
  • For a piece of Quantum Physics coursework we were asked to make a New Scientist-style article explaining a paper written by our lecturer about metamaterials. I went a step further, making a 5-page spread of words and images, made in Illustrator and compiled in InDesign.
  • I made some accurate schematics of the cryochamber and calibration standard for a short write-up I did about my summer internship with Dr Kelly Morrison in the Physics department.
  • Being on Hall Committee during my undergrad I designed t-shirts for special events, these still need to be dug out of the archive!


I used to joke that I would make my school-friends handwriting into a font, because each character always looked identical. After asking her to write out a character set for me I used Fontographer to make the letter shapes and take care of kerning. The result is 'Brommers', an eerily accurate recreation of her handwriting.


  • In 2017 I competed in I'm a Scientist, Get Me Out Of Here!, an online competition where five scientists compete for votes by answering questions posed by school-children.
    By boiling down answers into short and entertaining responses in the quick-fire sessions, and by working through the longer forum questions, I was victorious in the Francium Room.
  • In 2018 I entered the 'CBBC Expert Search' under the science and nature category. While I was unsuccessful, it was a good experience in writing, recording, and editting a short film in a day. Below is my submission (and yes, it has been sped up).


My phone has a decent camera and a burst-mode for taking up to 100 consecutive photos. I have a number of bursts that will be made into GIFs, ideally with a python script so that I can automate the process.
These are to come!


This website is designed by myself, cobbled together as a Frankenstein of Stack Overflow answers and online HTML tutorials.
It is hosted on a personal Raspberry Pi, with thanks to Aaron Jackson for his help setting it up.

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