Lewis D. Wright


Welcome to my website. I am a physicist-turned-materials scientist interested in Earth-abundant absorbers for photovoltaics and materials discovery more widely. Find out more about my research.

I am a PhD member of the PV Materials and Devices group (PVMAD) within the Centre for Renewable Energy Systems Technology (CREST) at Loughborough University.
I am supervised by Dr Jake Bowers, and my PhD is funded by the EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in New and Sustainable Photovoltaics (CDT-PV).


Water based spray pyrolysis of metal-oxide solutions for Cu2ZnSn(S,Se)4 solar cells using low toxicity amine/thiol complexants
Thin Solid Films, 2018


Im a Scientist, Get Me Out of Here
Winner, 2017


I was involved in a project to revamp the REST MSc lecture notes by compiling them into LaTeX. I also designed a front cover.

Here is my audtion for the 'CBBC Expert Search'. Yes, it has been sped up.

I created an explainer of the concept of External Quantum Efficicy (EQE), a characterisation technique for solar cells. It was an excuse to use Brommers.

'Brommers' is a font I designed based on a school friend's handwriting.

During my summer placement within the Physics Department I created some graphical representations of the cryochamber apparatus used to calibrate the measurement equipment using a thermoelectric standard.